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How to Get a Landscaping License in California

Posted by San Ramon Landscaping on April 8, 2011

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Landscaping License Test in California

To operate as a landscaping contractor in California, you will need to obtain a C-27 Landscaping Contractor’s License. It really is not too difficult to become a landscaping contractor in San Ramon, California or elsewhere throughout the state.

You will need to pass the licensing examination, but there are contractors’ license schools that will help you pass the test. There are many schools across the state of California and most are reasonably priced. If you do not speak perfect English or are otherwise uncomfortable taking the test in English, you may be able to have access to a translator. If you do not pass the test, then you can take it again and again until you pass it.

You will need some hands on experience in the landscaping trade in order to be eligible for licensing, but you may already have the needed work experience and some of your training and class work may be credited.

A landscape contractor constructs, maintains, repairs, installs, or subcontracts the development of landscape systems and facilities for public and private gardens and other areas which are designed to aesthetically, architecturally, horticulturally, or functionally improve the grounds within or surrounding a structure or a tract or plot of land. In connection therewith, a landscape contractor prepares and grades plots and areas of land for the installation of any architectural, horticultural and decorative treatment or arrangement.

Visit the Contractors State License Board which is a division of the California Department of Commerce.

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