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San Ramon Landscaping – Hire the Right Landscaper for Your Project

Posted by San Ramon Landscaping on July 9, 2012

hiring san ramon landscaper

San Ramon landscaping services have expanded in recent times due to the interest of homeowners in improving their landscapes. Landscaping services can be great ways to help improve the image of your San Ramon home, just by making the garden look good. A professional landscaper can help provide a place to eat or entertain and all for the right price. But what are the best ways to go about finding somebody to do your landscaping?

Well, here are 3 tips to help you choose the right guy.


Yes, in this line of work, experience is everything. Landscaping is much like photography or any other art form. It takes a certain artistic talent to create a pleasant and enjoyable garden landscaping so ask to see a portfolio from the prospective landscape contractor. After all, nobody wants a landscaper who’s imagination stretches to a only patch of grass and a concrete patio.

You will want something special for your San Ramon landscaping project. Ask to see previous work or possibly a drawing of what your garden may look like when the project is completed. Ask neighbors, friends or colleagues to see if the landscaper has already completed the work to a satisfactory standard.

Is Your San Ramon Landscaper Qualified?

With jobs becoming more scarce and competition increasing for jobs, many would-be landscapers have decided to acquire degrees in landscaping design. Degrees and certification be a massive advantage for somebody looking for employment. Ask your San Ramon landscaper if he has any qualifications in landscaping. Modern day landscaping courses include a wide range of skills.

Somebody who has qualified will have a vast skill set. They will be able to draw an accurate 3D model for you of the proposed plan. They will have an extensive knowledge of different plant life and they will be able to advise you on how to care for your garden. Most importantly, they will know the correct techniques to use when actually building the garden landscape. If the person you are hiring does not have sufficient educational qualifications then ask to see records of previous work and make sure to question them on their past projects.

Deciding Between a Landscaping Design Company or a Landscaping Professional

On your journey to find a landscaper you may come across large firms that will offer the same services as a self employed landscaper, but for a cheaper price. Choose carefully. While a firm may offer cheaper service, they may not be as reliable as an individual. The same could also be true for landscaping professionals in San Ramon as well. So this is not a rebuke of San Ramon landscaping companies or for that matter landscape designers.

Smart consumers know that they must perform their due diligence by asking all the right questions before hiring a landscaper. The most important thing is that when you hire, you are sure that your landscaping project gets the attention that it needs. Some contractors large or small sometimes forget that, but you can avoid any disappointment in your landscaping project by managing expectations early and often.

So there you have it, a few tips that could save you money and help you to get that garden landscaping that you have always wanted. For more information about San Ramon landscaping, visit

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